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Social networker registration. Registering your account, as well as participating in the Crowdbranding program, is completely free. We also respect your privacy. What we do not respect, however, is abuse; please make sure you understand the terms and conditions of use before registering a new account.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do my activities need full disclosure?
No. Crowdbrand™ is not like other pay-for-content programs.
Crowdbrand™ rewards you for expressing your opinion and the discussions your opinion encourages. There is no requirement for tone, word count, restrictions or links that would commercialize your activities or threaten your reputation. In fact, we are more interested in the effect of your social activities over the activities themselves. For example, comments on a blog post can be more valuable than the post itself!
What are "social networking activities"?
Basically, any activities that encourage participation and involvement from others.
Some examples are blog posts, videos, photos, forum discussions, reviews, articles, games, audio and podcasts, polls, profile pages, even online game events or objects. The only stipulations: they must be of your own creation, in English, publically accessible, visible for a reasonable amount of time, and of course, completely legal.
How much can I be rewarded?
That, of course, depends on you.
We bestow a certain number of points (which are automatically exchanged into US dollars) for social activities based on a proprietary valuation system. We can't tell you our secret formula, but we could hint at some of the criteria we're looking for: the engagement of others, fit to the topic, visibility, inovation, creativity and uniqueness to name a few. Some buzz topics offer a higher rate of payout, and more goes in your pocket.
Can anyone Crowdbrand™?
Pretty much, yes.
We reward using PayPal®, so you must have an account to rake in the dough.
What is the "referral e-mail"?
Free cash for you and your friend!
If you've been referred to Crowdbrand™ by a friend, please provide their e-mail address during registration. They'll recieve up to 10% of the point value of your submissions, and you'll receive one full month of boosted payout (1.5 times.) By the same token, have your friends provide your registered e-mail address to get an additional 10% of their rewards...forever!