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Crowdbrand™ Applications. Use these applications in your favorite social networking websites-- the more buzz you help create, the more we reward you!

Introducing SocialGab™ from Crowdbrand™. Transform your Facebook® profile into an interactive discussion! SocialGab™ supports multiple conversations, profile conversation management, and privacy between friends if you wish to keep some topics to only a select few.

How does it work? Simply add the SocialGab™ application within your Facebook® account, and make sure your Facebook® ID is part of your provided Crowdbrand™ account information. Then start talking with your friends about any topic of your choice!

Expressing yourself can be rewarding! Optionally start a conversation about one of the Crowdbrand™ Buzz Topics that are of interest to you, and the more engaging the discussion becomes, the more we will reward you. We will add anywhere from $0.10 to $0.25 right into your Crowdbrand™ account for every unique contribution to a Buzz Topic conversation. It is really that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use an application?
Each application has its own way of being used.
For example, the SocialGab™ application is used by adding it through your Facebook® account. Full details on using the application will be found on the website(s) hosting the application. In many cases, these websites will be linked to your Crowdbrand™ account by your e-mail address, so be sure to match the e-mail addresses accordingly.
Do my social activities with these applications follow the same rules for Crowdbrand™ submissions?
Some cases yes, in some cases, no.
Each application is different, and have their own terms of use. SocialGab™ does not require any submissions or editorial review, but the rewards can be seen through your Crowdbrand™ account (via points and messages.)
What about privacy?
Privacy is important to us.
Some applications allow you to use Crowdbrand™ Buzz Topics as part of their functionality. The content of your activities involving these topics may be made available to the sponsor of the topic for market research purposes. However, care will be taken to remove any personal details to assure anonymity prior to any content sharing. Additionally, Crowdbrand™ partners must abide by our terms and conditions which prohibit them from publishing or replicating this information.